Wednesday, May 21, 2008

VMware Roll for Rocks 5 Clusters

Rocks 5 ( released April 30, 2008 using Red Hat EL5 (CentOS5) as the underlying operating system and support for Xen virtual machines.

Adding virtual machines to a computing cluster is a terrific idea. Think about the possibilities from an admin stand point. Say that user jsmith needs his compute nodes configured with Red Hat 7 because his application is old and won't work in current releases. With the virtual machine approach, it's very easy to satisfy this request without having to carve out physical compute nodes for reinstallation.

Not to be out done, Takahiro Hirofuchi of AIST announced that they are working on a VMware Roll for Rocks 5 (they also have plans for a Rock 4.2 version).

I'm a VMware guy and haven't done a whole lot with Xen, so this roll is very appealing.

They list the features as:
The project page is hosted on Code Google (

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