Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Initial Fedora 9 Thoughts

Update, the resolution to the sound not working through the built in speakers, launch the Volume Control application, under preferences add Surround Sound to the control and unmute it.

I've installed Fedora 9 i386 on my Dell XPS M1330 laptop a couple times now and have some thoughts to share:

  • Boo: nVidia drivers are not available due to the fact that F9 released with a pre release version of X server 1.5 ( to be precise). This should be remedied soon since 1.5 is supposed to officially release soon. Then we just wait for nVidia to roll out a driver.
  • Boo: Sound does not work through my laptops built in speakers nor through headphone jack 1 (see bug report # 446689. Sound does work for devices plugged into headphone jack 2. Sound worked out of the box in Fedora 8. I haven't trouble shot this issue yet, but lspci shows the sound card as:
    00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02)
  • Nice: Wireless and and wired networking comes up much cleaner in F9 than earlier. NetworkManager starts automatically, and eth0 doesn't sit hold up the boot process looking for an address in the absence of a network cable.
  • Nice: I am not asked to enter my keyring passphrase every time NetworkManager authenticates with a WAP, I found this to be annoying in F8, the workaround was to install gnome-keyring-pam, which appears to be installed by default on F9
  • Boo: The new software updater, PackageKit, gui doesn't reveal enough information. When updating, the gui shows progress bars and package names, but doesn't tell you what version it is updating too / from. It'd be nice if they provided a "More Info" or equiv button
  • Boo: After connecting to my WAP, I get a pop up from the power monitor app "Sleep warning: Your laptop will not sleep if you shut the lid as a running program has prevented this...", Ok that's a start, but as a user I want more information, the dialogue doesn't provide any clues to the offending application, how it's preventing sleep nor does it provide a link to research the message
  • Boo: Shutdown very quickly closes X (nice), but then you are taken to VT1 where all you see is a login prompt, meanwhile all of the shutdown action is going on on VT7. The first time I shut down, I thought maybe X had crashed, I was about to log in to the shell when the machine powered off. I like to see something that indicates progress.
  • Nice: F9 install of OpenOffice 2.4 doesn't nerf Calc's ability to do more intelligent autofills. In F8, the following would not continue the sequence: In cell A1 and A2 enter "compute-0-1" "compute-0-2", select both and drag down to include A3,A4,A5. The sequence should continue, "compute-0-3", "compute-0-4", "compute-0-5". In F8, it wouldn't do this, however removing it and installing 2.3.1 from the OO site worked.
  • Boo: The Synaptics touch pad no longer allows 'taps' to activate left mouse clicks. According to this bug report # 439386 this is not so much a bug, as an issue with the synaptics package being compiled with tapping disabled. I like tapping, just not while I'm typing

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