Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iPhone IOS 4 Initial Thoughts

Here are a few initial impressions of iPhone IOS 4 update on a 3G:

  • Track skip forward and back via Bluetooth head set still does not work, at least on my Motorola stereo head set
  • There still isn't an option to 'snooze' calendar reminders
  • Spell check is finally included and works as expected (red underline)
  • Unified email inbox is nice
  • Email threading is very handy
  • The IOS 4 ran slow as molasses on my 3G
As a test I restored the phone to factory defaults. The iPhone was very responsive in the default config. I restored from the most recent backup, but chose not to sync any applications and again the iPhone was responsive. I then synced the handful of apps that I use regularly and performance is still good.

Previously, I had six pages of apps, now only two. This isn't conclusive by any stretch, but for now the 3G is much more tolerable than it was.

I still need to re-install all of the apps to test the responsiveness, but if your 3G is behaving similarly, perhaps simply reducing the number of apps might help.

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